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Git: Move files from one repo to another with history

Background A lot of times as developers and code maintainers we need to move files/folders between code repos and most of the time we avoid exporting history because of the complexity and issues often faced during the export. However fret not anymore, I will share in this post how to easily export files with history using git command line and filter-repo command.

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Setup a kubernetes cluster on raspberry pi/s using k3s

This blog post will detail the steps for setting up a kubernetes cluster on your raspberry pi/s using k3s. k3s: A brief introduction While it is completely possible to install, manage and run a complete kubernetes distribution (pronounced k8s) on your raspberry pi cluster (or on similar devices), for better performance and resource utilization in a resource constrained device like raspberry pi its advisable to install a lightweight kubernetes distribution like k3s by rancher.

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Git: Sync fork with upstream changes

A forked repository can be synced with the upstream one as follows: Clone the forked repository locally if not already done. git clone List the remote repository configured for your fork: git remote -v Add a new remote upstream repository that will be synced with the local fork: git remote add upstream https://github.

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